As of now there are hundreds of millions of people who use handheld devices to access information via the interwebs.  Which means when, for you, some seemingly  unlucky person who finds your content on your blog may or may not be able to read it with ease.  Of course, this will depend on how well you style your posts to match the different types of readers.

Common reading styles include:

  • Chunkers–People who speed read by blocking groups of text together
  • Skimmers–Show me headlines or show me the exit type
  • Word for Word–The one’s who will assist you when you have a comma in the wrong place

How To Style Thesis Theme For Max Readability

The Thesis Theme allows you to add style to your posts so you can easily capture the different reading styles of your users.  Styles such as drop caps, bold words, fonts, colors, and  custom code via CSS file in the dashboard allows you to craft your posts for maximum readability.

Look at styling your content from a “professional copywriters” point of view, you can setup your content for maximum results with your message by reaching each style of reader.  One particular Thesis Theme tutorial from DIYThemes breaks down how to add the styling to your posts.  Which you can see it in action right here in the screencast.

Let’s style the following content as if it was it’s own post:

“Forget About Waiting Months for a Sale in Your On-Line Store:

Turn On Pay Per Click and Get Paid today.”

How would you like to direct the people who are looking for products and services, like the ones you offer, to your store/site ?  As a business owner you know how important marketing and promotion is in order to let people know you are there for them.  But when it comes to advertising on the internet you are now in competition with hundreds of other sites and stores who are after the same thing you are, so what will make you stand out?  What is your current means of promotion, are you where your customers are looking?

On-Line Advertising Is Just To Hard

Marketing on-line isn’t much different than running a business in the downtown market place–its all about: “location, location, location!”  You may have heard of Pay Per Click marketing and never really given it a thought, you may have even heard it was a waste of your marketing budget.

I would ask, “whom you heard this from and why someone would say such a  thing?”

As a Certified Adwords Partner on the Google Pay Per Click platform allow me to share with you what I’ve experienced with PPC thus far.  Before I ever put energy or time into assisting someone with building  their on-line marketing campaigns we start off with an overview of what they’re currently doing for marketing; on-line and offline, we go through their marketing plan, (if they have one at all), and  before we even begin to create an account for them we comb over their entire website and online store.  Over 80-Precent of the time people are not ready for Pay Per Click marketing/advertising.

They are usually missing the core elements which would allow them to maximize their ROI(return on investment).  Also most of the time it’s those missing elements which get their store or site banned from ever being able to harness the potential of the Pay Per Click in the first place.

Don’t Waste Your Time With Pay Per Click

If you want to capture the vast amount of clients and customers who are looking for your products and services you must allow the professionals like the ones at Yaghi Labs (shameless plug) to get your site ready.  Sure I can take your money, setup your PPC marketing/advertising campaign and let your budget burn out day after day, only for you to have little or no positive results.

But what good does that do for your business or even mine?  When you get results because you have taken the time, or get the right people, to properly set things up from the start–you will be  more likely to increase your ad budget and remain in business without having to pull the plug after only a short while, that is to say less than five years.

The best way to get started one of our expert staff tear apart your current site and expose all the holes that must be plugged.  The fact is you are hurting your customers by not having things setup and in the right order not to mention your business.

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Tutorial Overview

As you can see we used several elements to increase the readers reach.  Sub-lines for the skimmers, Drop letters for attention grabbing,  block-quotes for highlighting.  It’s really limited only limited to your imagination and skill level these days.