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There are many free blogging platforms like blogger, wordpress, tumbler, and others.  Which are great to get started “blogging” while you’re feeling out whether this “online writing thing” is something you can see yourself doing for a while – at least long enough to build some income.
A question I hear a lot is, “Did I miss the hot time to blog?” The answer is “no”. There isn’t anyone in the world who is the same as you — which is one of the cool things about running a blog and sharing your interests with others. It’s an extension of you…and you’re unique!

SerpContest.com was originally a place to run page ranking contests. Then I thought, “you know what, I use Thesis Theme”, and they have an option become an affiliate…and showoff their product. I have been using the theme from at least version 1.5 (which was a long time ago) until now (it’s getting closer to version 2.0). During that time, it has always run smoothly with very few plugins.  Which isn’t easily pulled off.

And the major search engines love how the theme is built without a lot of extra code to slow it down!

The Tuts Are Alive

This blog is a DIYTheme’s Thesis tutorial showcase, more or less for you and others like you who are interested in a high quality wordpress blog theme.
You could easily waste time with plugins, and troubleshooting, on free wordpress themes only to give up on the whole idea in frustration…

and if I have learned anything about blogging on a self-hosted site using a theme, it’s:

1. You could spend a lot of money getting one developed, or…

2. You’re going to get a free theme and spend a lot of time troubleshooting and updating plugins.

Support is usually non-existent too. So in the end, most free themes just don’t cut it without #1.
Knowing those two things, Like you, I searched for a WordPress Theme that would virtually eliminate having to use a lot of plugins and came with great support. And was super easy to custimze without knowing a bunch of programming and stuff.

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They Did It Right

The team at DIYThemes did it right from the start.  They build a theme that was light on resources and easy for users and search engines to use. Their support is second-to-none, and the Thesis Forum is only accessible to Thesis users.
One thing I noticed from the start was the tutorials for the theme were mostly limited to text and had little to no visual/hands-on/screencast with them. As a DIYer (which is who this theme is built for), this seemed less than “user friendly”. Plus, based on the comments in various forum posts I’ve read, a lot of people, like you, really enjoy visual Tutorials in order to supplement the support documentation provided so you can see the coding in action before doing it your self.

You will find those videos right here on SerpContest.com; Screencasts of the DIYTheme tutorials used by someone, like you, who doesn’t build or design websites on a daily basis. Just a DIYer.

Yes, I do outsource and I recommend it, but usually not until after I try out a few things myself so I know how to better communicate with a developer what I want them to do.

Really my specialty is Pay-Per-Click Marketing and making tutorials.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy of Thesis Theme yet, what are you waiting for? Once you do, you can use these tutorials to design your own Thesis Theme site…as well as make your readers really, really happy.  😉 because you will have what they want.  Something that works, loads fast, and easy to read and navigate.

I look forward to hearing about your success with the theme!


Check out the Resources page to see the sites I do recommend for outsourcing, training and so on.



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